Visions of Sport 2017: Photographer Favourites

June 1, 2017 • Company News, Getty Images Gallery, Sport

Getty Images Gallery presents latest exhibition – a selection of award-winning sports images with a unique twist.

For the first time, Getty Images Gallery will present work by its entire award-winning roster of sixty-five sports photographers in a single group exhibition. Each member of Getty Images’ global staff submitted three favourite photographs. Director of Photography Paul Gilham, Gallery curator Shawn Waldron and Gallery manager Amie Lewis selected one photograph from each photographer and added a selection of classic sports imagery from its world-leading Getty Images Archive to create this one-of-a-kind exhibition. Visions of Sport 2017: Photographer Favourites includes intimate scenes of world-class athletes and remarkable moments of human endeavour.

Athletes routinely sacrifice their bodies to the rigors of their chosen sport. Sports photography captures the upper limits of physical performance while displaying the full range of human emotion. Visions of Sport 2017: Photographer’s Favourites contains intimate scenes of jubilant athletes celebrating personal triumphs, such as Julian Finney’s candid view of Serena Williams at the 2015 Wimbledon tournament.

Tom Pennington’s aerial photograph of triathletes plunging into the Hawaiian sea or Jamie McDonald’s impending football corner kick represent the moments of high drama native to sport while other photographs, such as Patrick Smith’s tightly cropped portrait of jockey Victor Carrasco’s muddied post-race grin, reveal its inherent humour. Also featured is the striking photograph of a speeding Formula One car – captured by Paul Gilham it draws a visual connection back to “Need for Speed,” a celebrated 1954 Picture Post photograph from the French Grand Prix.

According to Getty Images Gallery curator Shawn Waldron, “This is an exciting exhibit for our Gallery clients and the general public. In making our choices for Visions of Sport 2017 we focused on strong photographs that transcended individual athletes in favour of more universal themes such as daring and tenacity.  The exhibit will appeal to both sports fans and photography aficionados.”

Getty Images Gallery manager Amie Lewis said, “A key feature of Visions of Sport 2017 is the first person narrative provided by the photographers. Their descriptions of the action and behind the scenes details are riveting.”

All works on display are available for purchase at the Gallery; prices available on request.

The exhibition runs from 6 June 2017 to 15 July 2017 and admission is free. Getty Images Gallery is situated in central London, close to Oxford Circus.  Opening hours are from 10.00am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and 12.00 to 5.30pm Saturday.

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