Getty Images Gallery presents – Gods and Monsters

June 16, 2015 • Getty Images Gallery

Exhibition runs from 27th June– 22nd August 2015

Gods and Monsters explores the mythologizing power of the portrait and the shifting qualities of fame, through the reflections between the two. From the early studies of shadow and light in Hollywood studio portraits, in which stars presented their pose but concealed a private self, through to the rise of the paparazzi, countercultural influence and the new rock ‘n’ roll aristocracy.

Since the carte de visite phenomenon of the 1860s, the image-making of photography and the image-making of celebrity have wound together in collaboration. Photography has measured, transfigured and created the famous face – with a Greek chorus of commerce, technology and style.

In the dependent relationship between photography and celebrity, access is the currency; our exhibition explores the cultivated intrigue, the curated candidness and the degrees of exposure which have characterised this exchange. Today, the fraught and flirtatious contract between the two continues, with the fractured realities of the digital age offering new scope for image invention.

Featuring iconic works from the John Kobal Foundation, vintage pieces and archival footage, Gods and Monsters includes highlights from across the extensive Getty Images Gallery collections.

To see a selection of the imagery featured in the exhibition please click here.

For editorial inquiries please contact Amie Lewis on +44 (0) 207 291 5380.

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