Getty Images Appointed As Sole Agency For Stock Imagery, Footage And Sound by Crown Commercial Service’s Campaign Solutions 2 Framework

October 6, 2021 • Company News

London – 6 October 2021: Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications, has been named as the sole agency on Crown Commercial Service’s stock imagery, footage and sound lot on the Campaign Solutions 2 agreement. The framework was awarded via competitive tender and over the next four years, will provide UK Government and wider public sector organisations the opportunity to access Getty Images’ unrivalled collections of imagery, audio and video, to enhance their communications capabilities.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2020/21, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.04bn – supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

Stephanie Parry, Category Lead at CCS said, “We’re pleased to announce that we’ve awarded lot 4 – Stock Imagery, Footage and Sound to Getty Images – a best in class agency in the market for these services. Our multi-lot Campaign Solutions 2 framework will support clients in delivering their largest scale campaigns, with built in flexibility for how they want to work with their agencies. UK Government and wider public sector clients can now decouple part of their creative requirements and have a direct relationship with Getty Images which will provide them with access to a huge range of quality content and best value commercial deals.”

Getty Images has a proven track record in working with organisations to assist them in achieving and elevating their visual communications goals. With recent work alongside brands such as Dove’s #ShowUs campaign, to more accurately and inclusively represent women in advertising and GLAAD on a more realistic representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

Craig Peters, CEO, Getty Images remarked, “This appointment speaks to Getty Images’ unique ability to provide the depth, breadth and quality of content to service the full range of customer needs. We look forward to ensuring each of the UK Government and Public Sector agencies has access to the very best visual content.”

Image credit: Michael Masser/500px via Getty Images

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