Steve Heck

Steve Heck, Chief Technology Officer, Getty Images

Steve Heck, Chief Innovation Officer, Getty Images

Chief Innovation Officer

As Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Heck is responsible for leading Getty Images’ Innovation Group to spur further growth and new revenue streams for Getty Images within new and existing markets.

In this role, Heck oversees a dedicated research and development team that explores emerging technologies to generate new, or improve exisiting products in Getty Images’ portfolio.

Formerly Chief Technology Officer at Getty Images for seven years, Heck has also held the positions of: Vice President of Architecture and Emerging Technologies, Vice President of Web Technology, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture, and Director of Business Intellegence at the company. Prior to Getty Images, Heck was a database engineer for Photodisc, later acquired by Getty Images.

Heck has a personal history in innovation, as the solo inventor on a patent for a system that matches meaningful keywords in block text with relevant images, as well as co-inventing several other patents.

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