Visual analytics company PicScout uses artificial intelligence, machine learning insights and innovations to drive visual content business decisions

October 19, 2016 • Company News, Innovation

New expanded product line and approved patent launched to help businesses transform customer engagement through visual analytics

PicScout, a wholly owned subsidiary of Getty Images, has today announced a new strategic direction and expanded product offering focused on visual insights. Using innovative methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning Insights for Business and Insights for Everyone provide detailed intelligence taken from visual content for customers ranging from consumers through developers, to businesses of all sizes.

Drawing on years of experience in intelligent data gathering and image analysis, PicScout has released this expanded product line as part of a new strategic direction focused on visual analytics. Acquired by Getty Images in 2011, PicScout originally focused on identifying image use, metadata and licensing information on the web.

“Driven by the increasing use of smartphones, people today are more visually literate than ever. In our image-saturated world, the demand for authentic quality imagery that tells a story and cuts through the clutter is greater than ever,” said Uri Lavi, General Manager PicScout. “These new developments in technology make images and the ability to find, analyze and identify trends and gain knowledge about them more important than ever. This is why these new services are indispensable.”

Insights for Business helps businesses and brands by providing intelligence into who is using their products, where they are more popular and how they are used. These insights can help inform and influence how a company can most effectively expand their customer base, find new audiences and identify trends before their competitors. Insights for Everyone provides image owners with intelligence about the location of their images on the web and insights about their use. These insights can serve professional photographers, designers, creative professionals and anyone who owns images.

“Our expanded product offering can analyze an image and provide insights about the location of brand related visual content on the web. The technology enables understanding of visual trends, helping brands evaluate the impact of their business online, and assess the popularity of a brand,” added Lavi.

Andrew Hamilton, SVP Data & Insights, Getty Images added: “Following on from the new data strategy Getty Images launched in July, the expansion of PicScout’s product line is an exciting first step to bringing new insight products to our customers.  Insights for Business and Insights for Everyone products are solving an important problem for customers in understanding the reach and engagement they are achieving with their images online. We are excited to be collaborating with our customers on applying data and insight to solve their challenges around image selection and image performance.

PicScout recently had its first patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to support these endeavors. U.S. Patent No. US 2016/0253359 claims an algorithm that performs an efficient visual search in a large corpus of images. This is the first in a series of patents the company has submitted for approval.

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