Statement regarding UK Independence Party campaign poster

June 20, 2016 • Company News

To be attributed to Getty Images:

Getty Images can confirm that the UK Independence Party recently licensed an editorial image of the Refugee Crisis from 2015 – a story which we covered extensively, which has been used in their political poster, unveiled last week.


The image in question was captured by our long-standing and esteemed staff photographer, Jeff Mitchell, in Slovenia last year and depicts refugees who have just crossed the Croatian-Slovenian border.


It is always uncomfortable when an objective news photograph is used to deliver any political message or subjective agenda, however the image in question has been licensed legitimately.


Editorial integrity is of the utmost importance to Getty Images and our photographers are passionate about documenting the global news agenda and covering issues from an objective and impartial standpoint. Our images are syndicated to almost one million customers around the world – whether that be to media, business and brands, or in this case, political parties.

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