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March 1, 2016 • Company News






Why is Veer being shut down?

As we announced several weeks ago, Visual China Group (VCG) has acquired Corbis Images, CorbisMotion, and Veer. You can find more information about this transaction and VCG’s partnership with Getty Images here. As part of this transition, we are now inviting all Veer customers to transition to iStock by Getty Images to enjoy access to expanded content (including video and music), lower pricing, and more purchasing options.

What changes today on Veer and what is the timeline of this transition?

Veer will shut down effective March 31st, 2016 and we’d like to welcome all Veer customers to iStock by Getty Images starting today. Until March 31st, you can still use your existing Veer subscription and can access your Veer account information, but starting today, you will no longer be able to purchase credits or subscriptions on Veer.

What can I expect at iStock? How is it better than Veer?

At iStock by Getty Images we want you to blow minds, not budgets. That’s why we focus on what people really want to see – images, illustrations and videos that leave a lasting impression so your message can take flight in new, powerful ways.

iStock is home to more than 20 million more photos and illustrations than Veer and offers the best selection of videos and music clips. All available at prices below Veer.

Unlike at Veer, iStock credits never expire* and can be used to purchase any content, including video and music files. Simplified credit pricing means you never pay more for high resolution images or video clips,and exclusive iStock Signature images still cost less than premium imagery at Veer.

iStock also offers an expanded flexible range of monthly and annual subscription plans starting at just $40 USD per month, and all subscriptions have no daily download limits and allow rollover of unused images to the next month**. Plus, with iStock you’ll get valuable free access to our partner services such as WeTransfer and DropBox.

Visit iStock today to learn more about our plans and pricing and to explore our amazing content, including this month’s Signature Artist.

What’s the difference between the iStock Essentials and Signature collections?

At iStock, we offer content for any-sized project or budget.

•    Get more for less with our iStock Essentials collection, featuring millions of our conventional,everyday images selected by our team of expert art directors to help you connect to youraudience in meaningful ways. iStock Essentials includes 30 million photos, vectors andillustrations. A great way to experience iStock Essentials is our 10 download monthly subscription for only $40 USD per month.

•    Get over 8 million premium, handpicked images you can only get from us with our iStock Signature collection. You’ll find authentic, powerful imagery that transcends traditional stock and creates a lasting impression. The iStock Signature collection of more than 8 million premium images starts at $33 USD or lower.

How did you translate my credit balance at Veer into an iStock offer?

We carefully reviewed the accounts of all Veer customers and created generous iStock credit offers that are worth more than your existing Veer balance. As a reminder, you can get more with fewer credits at iStock than Veer – all iStock Essentials images are one credit, and all iStock Signature images are only 3 credits, with no additional cost for high resolution file sizes. All Veer credit customers received offers that ensure you can access the very best of iStock. If you have questions about your new iStock offer, please contact iStock at 1-800-620-4776 or

How do iStock credits differ from Veer credits?

Both iStock and Veer have a wide range of credit pack options; however, you can buy more with fewer credits at iStock. For example a high resolution Essentials image at iStock costs only 1 credit (as low as $8 USD with iStock’s best-value credit pack), whereas the same image at the same size at Veer would have cost 20 credits (almost $20 USD with Veer’s best-value credit pack). iStock credits may also be used for any file size or file type – photos, illustrations, music, or video clips – and iStock credits never expire.

How did you translate my current subscription at Veer into an iStock offer?

If you purchased a monthly subscription at Veer, we’ve emailed you a promo code for a free 1-monthSignature subscription at iStock. Unlike your Veer subscription, your iStock Signature subscription allowsyou to download any photo or illustration on iStock. If you had an annual Veer subscription, one of ouraccount managers will be reaching out to you to create a custom iStock subscription tailored to yourneeds. If you have not yet received a call and would like to get started immediately with your new iStocksubscription, please contact iStock directly at or 1-877-297-7900

How do iStock subscriptions differ from Veer subscriptions?

Both iStock and Veer offer monthly and annual subscriptions. iStock has subscription offers that are more affordable than Veer, starting at just $40 USD per month for up to 10 Essentials images. Also, Veer subscribers had access to only a limited subset of Veer’s collections, but iStock Signature subscriptions offer access to every image on iStock, including over 8 million premium images.

What if I’m already an iStock customer?

As an iStock customer, you are already familiar with all iStock has to offer and have chosen the credit or subscription plan that works best for your needs. To thank you for being a loyal customer of both iStock and Veer, we will still be contacting you with a generous iStock offer and instructions for how to link this offer to your iStock account.

What if I was using different emails on iStock and Veer?

To get your free credits automatically applied to your iStock balance, you will have to register or sign in to iStock using your Veer email address. If you use a different email address for your existing iStock account, you can either continue to use both accounts, or call iStock directly at 1-800-620-4776 or to link your two accounts.

What about Veer fonts? Does iStock offer fonts?

iStock does not offer fonts. However, we have partnered with to create a special offer for Veer customers – check your email for more details about how to redeem this offer. My Fonts gives you access to over 2,200 font families for use in your designs – learn more about their Monotype Library here.

How can I get help with this transition? Who can I call?

We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about this transition.

•    If you have questions about your iStock offer or account, please visit or contact iStock customer service at 1-800-620-4776 or

•    If you have questions about your existing Veer account, past Veer purchases, or Veer billing inquiries, then please contact Veer at or 1-877-297-7900.


*As long as you login at least once per year
** Up to 250 unused downloads can be rolled over month to month for annual subscriptions or any other auto-renewed subscription

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