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Getty Images partners with Pinterest

October 25, 2013 • Company News, Innovation

Getty Images and Pinterest have struck a multi-year deal to drive a more visual world by combining our rich metadata and compelling content with the amazing creativity of the Pinterest community.

It’s a groundbreaking collaboration.

Pinterest users upload or “pin to their pinboard” – and share – images of things they love. Other pinners browse these images for inspiration, insight and ideas. For Pinterest, the more information they know and can share about each pin, the more valuable and useful it is to their users.

Let’s say you’re browsing Pinterest and see an image of Beyonce wearing totally fierce boots. But there’s no information about who designed them or where you can get them! It may also be hard to find out that a fantastic Getty Images photographer shot the picture.

Another example…while on Pinterest you stumble across an image of an appetizing dish that strikes you as something you might like to make. Unfortunately, if the link is broken or the person who pinned it didn’t include much description, you probably wouldn’t be able to determine that it’s scallops with brussels sprouts, chorizo and mustard fondue. It may also be hard to find out that renowned Getty Images contributor Thomas Barwick created the photo.

Our new partnership with Pinterest offers a solution. Getty Images will use our PicScout image recognition technology to identify exclusive Getty Images content on Pinterest. Then, we’ll use our API, Connect, to provide relevant metadata to Pinterest – including Getty Images photo credits, where and when the image was shot and more. We’ll get a photo credit for our images on Pinterest’s site and a link back. Pinterest users get more context and have more fun.

Pinterest will pay Getty Images a fee for this rich metadata, which we’ll share with contributors. The metadata we provide to Pinterest will enable them to develop new features and create a more robust experience for their users.

We are beginning this partnership in the next few months focusing on our exclusive Getty Images house content. Down the road, we plan to expand to include iStock exclusive content and other exclusive collections.

At Getty Images we believe in the power of images to inspire, delight and bring people together. We’re excited to work with Pinterest to give millions of people a new way to satisfy their curiosity, and better ways to fill their lives with the images that move them.

Editor’s note: Read more in this article by Ingrid Lunden on TechCrunch.

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