Getty Images launches Stream, a free mobile application allowing consumers to view and share the world’s best photography

September 19, 2014 • Company News, Creative, Entertainment, Hulton Archive, Innovation

The very latest news, sport and entertainment imagery

Curated slideshows play on Apple TV through AirPlay

Millions of shareable images to embed on blogs and social media directly from mobile device

 Getty Images, the world’s leading visual communications company, today announces the launch of its first consumer app, Getty Images Stream, enabling users to access, curate and share its vast, award-winning content. Available for iPhone and iPad on the iOS 8 update, Stream is a free app designed for people who are passionate about pictures and offers continuously updated, curated streams of the latest news, sport and entertainment imagery.


With Stream, Getty Images makes its world-class imagery easily and legally shareable and embeddable via mobile devices. The Stream app launch follows the highly successful debut earlier this year of Getty Images’ embed feature, which enables users to share one of the largest and most comprehensive image collections in the world, for non-commercial use on blogs and social media.


“Our new, free Stream app delivers Getty Images’ stunning news, sport and entertainment photography straight to your iPhone and iPad, giving you a front row seat to the latest events around the globe,” Getty Images Chief Technology Officer Steve Heck said. “Imagery is the world’s most spoken language. People love our award-winning pictures and Stream makes it easier than ever to view – and share – the world through the lens of Getty Images photographers.”


Stream uses Getty Images’ API to aggregate content and includes these key features:


  • Streaming: Easy-to-navigate curated photo streams      across different categories – latest, news, sport, entertainment and      archival.
  • Search: Explore millions of stunning editorial,      archival and creative design images through customized streams.
  • Slideshow: Play slideshows of any stream or search      results on Apple devices using Apple AirPlay, including Apple TV.
  • Embed and share: Share an image directly to Facebook and Twitter simply by tapping      the ‘share’ icon. To embed in a blog, tap the ‘copy’ icon and paste the      embed code into a blog or webpage.
  • Alerts: Receive customized alerts as new images are added.

Getty Images built Stream for Apple’s new operating systems, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. It uses Apple’s new Swift language and CloudKit capabilities to light up iPhones, iPads, Macs and televisions using Apple TV with high-resolution media.


Stream is available on iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 8. Stream can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store today.


Stream follows the Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images iOS apps designed to help creative and media professionals search and use the world’s best premium content for their projects.

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