Getty Images delves into concepts of privacy in new exhibition

November 12, 2013 • Company News, Creative, Getty Images Gallery

Getty Images Gallery hosts exclusive exhibition of images that explore conceptual ideas of privacy from a special collection curated by the Getty Images creative team

London, 24 October, 2013: Getty Images Gallery is delighted to announce the launch of its latest exhibition, which explores the controversial topic of what privacy means in the modern world.

The exhibition, which is part of an ongoing research project from the Getty Images creative team, throws a spotlight on the story of modern privacy and questions the breakdown of barriers between private and public lives. The show looks at the impact of technology, urbanisation and personal space on the ability to maintain privacy in today’s society, as well as questions the idea of how private spaces become public without consent through unregulated surveillance. The exhibition also looks at whether privacy is an imperative in society today with the rise of social media and the trend towards sharing our personal lives with all our online friends and followers.

Works such as Ken Hermann’s Survivors, consider the issues around being permanently scarred by private conflicts. The image ‘Umma Aysha Siddike Nila’, for example, depicts a woman with facial and upper body scarring after her husband attacked her with acid following an argument, raising questions around the blurred lines between what is public versus private.

The show also includes images from Jasper White, whose work explores personal spaces and what the customisation of these spaces say about the occupants. In addition, photographer David Ryle delves into our obsession with technology, bringing privacy into scale by placing each human as a tiny figure in a huge expanse within his images.

Andrew Saunders, Senior Vice President, Creative, Getty Images says, “Privacy is a pivotal topic that touches all and impacts every facet of our lives. With this collection we have looked to explore the myriad of meanings attached to privacy, from the simple idea of being able to find solitude, to the pervasive and often undetected invasion into our private lives. With such an expansive issue we wanted to curate a collection that spoke to all the iterations of privacy in modern life and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved.”

Louise Garczewska, Director, Getty Images Gallery, says, “Getty Images Gallery is the public window into our vast and expansive collection of images from archival to editorial right through to creative photography. The issue of privacy is hugely pertinent to our lives today and I’m delighted to be opening our doors to this thoughtfully-curated exhibition.”

For an overview of the images in the exhibition please visit:

Privacy runs from Friday 25 October to 15 November 2013, and admission is free.

Getty Images Gallery is situated in central London, just a stone’s throw away from Oxford Circus. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am-5.30pm and Saturday 12pm-5.30pm.

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